Pregnancy Support Belt
Pregnancy Support Belt
Pregnancy Support Belt
Pregnancy Support Belt
Pregnancy Support Belt
Pregnancy Support Belt
Pregnancy Support Belt
Pregnancy Support Belt
Pregnancy Support Belt

    Pregnancy Support Belt

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      • 360 ERGONOMIC SUPPORT - Our Maternity Belly Band For Pregnancy is designed to help evenly distribute weight around your hip and pelvis, to provide optimum support for your pregnancy belly. Helps to support your abdominal muscles during pregnancy and postpartum. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions when using the product.
      • SOFT & BREATHABLE - Being pregnant makes your body heats up easily, that’s why, we use soft, breathable and high-quality mesh to give you the best comfort throughout the day. It is easy to use and adjusted for your comfort, you may even forget that it's on your belly! Quality matters when it comes to simplicity. We have your back on this.
      • EASE PREGNANCY PAINS - Designed to provide gentle compression around your hip, the Pregnancy Maternity Belt will correct your posture to ease lower back pains, pelvic floor pains and round ligament pains. Gives you more comfort and confidence to face the day!
      • STAY ACTIVE WHILE PREGNANT - Our Pregnancy Belt provides the lift you need to continue on your daily activities or exercise routines. Lets you feel more confident and comfortable. A happy and healthy mommy = A healthy baby!
      • PERFECT GIFT FOR NEW MOMS - Get a pregnancy surprise gift for new moms, they will love it! Comes with a nice gift box, ready for gifting. Let new moms feel loved.


      Your Trusted Belly Band For Pregnancy

      Because You Deserve Only The Best.

      Motherhood is one of the most challenging and wonderful journey. We are amazed at how our bodies are changing to provide a cosy home for our little ones, enduring all the bodily changes physically and emotionally. We have grown from a fine young woman to become someone capable of giving the greatest love in the world. Our love is forever and unconditional for this little one. Belly Band is proud of you, for having come this far. You deserve only the best pregnancy tummy bandit band!

      Why Maternity Belt?

      • Soft, Lightweight & Breathable Mesh

      • Adjustable Velcro

      • Elastic Mesh: Provides ergonomic weight distribution

      • Best Belly Support Band for Pregnancy

      Best Use For:

      • Round Ligament Pain

      • Lower Back Pains

      • Pelvic Floor Pains

      • Abdominal Muscle Support

      • Postpartum Recovery

      Get your pregnancy girdle pelvic support bands and feel the difference yourself!

      Package Dimensions: 6.7 x 4.4 x 2.0 inches