- Realistic Fish Attractor -

    - Realistic Fish Attractor -

      • 🐟Lifelike Swimbait - Designed with eight segmented body sections, Truscend fishing lures deliver a natural S-shaped swimming action at any speed, affording an incredibly flexible bend to deliver extra action. Makes it a prime target for hungry fish.
      • 🐟Multi Jointed Body - Constructed with a tough ABS plastic body that is supported by ultra-strong mesh woven fabric, which will bring you an ultimate fishing experience.
      • 🐟Mustad Hooks - Rigged with 2 super sharp treble hooks, high durability and flexibility in saltwater and freshwater.
      • 🐟Artificial Bait - 3D printing body with perfect pearl powder coating. Brilliantly replicates color and patterns of actual baitfish.
      • 🐟Widely targeting at predator fishes such as bass, yellow perch, walleye, pike, muskie, roach, trout, etc. Suitable for saltwater and freshwater. Wonderful lures for new anglers and experienced anglers.



      • Suitable for saltwater and freshwater
      • Using artificial fish scale gloss paint
      • Ultra Realistic and Flexible Body Detail
      • Swims Like A Real Injured Lure Fish
      • Ultra Sharp Treble Fishhooks
      • 3D Vivid Eyes
      • The steel balls encased inside of the lures can Call Bopping Sound

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